Shadow Children

Among The Hidden

Kept away from socitety!

Luke is the 3rd child in the family. He isn't even supposed to even be alive. You are only aloud 2 children or if you have another child you have to get rid of it. Well, they didn't want to get rid of Luke so they have hid him away from people. He's been able to sneek outside and breathe the fresh air without anyone ever seeing him but, he's not able anymore to do that. Constuctioners have started housing buildings next to his house! "But on this day, the day they started taking the woods away, he hesitated." He was connected to the outdoors. Now as Luke said, "I will never be allowed outside again. Maybe never again as long as I live."

What you can't see, doesn't mean it's not real!

Behind the scence!

Luke is the yongest of two other siblings, Mark and Matthew. Luke lives in the atic and has to stay in the house. They are only aloud to have two children and they have three. But, Luke can never go out doors or to the barn in case the population police were coming around or anyone were to find out they had a third baby. Luke doesn't understand because he just wants to do what his brothers do but, because of this he's stuck in the house every day! Until, Luke found out there was another illegal child, and it's a girl!

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix was born on April 9, 1964. She lived in Washington Court house. She's also, an American author, which she is best known for writing The Missing series and the Shadow Children sequence. She also wrote the tenth volume in The 39 Clues series, published by Scholastic.