RCSOnline Academy

Preparing Our Students for Their Future


Help students to

  • be college and career ready
  • graduate early
  • free up room in their schedules to take more challenging or specialized courses
  • retake failed classes
  • continue taking classes such as Spanish when they are enrolled in the alternative school so they don't fall behind in credits


  • Started summer 2011
  • All courses created and taught by RCS teachers
  • Learning Management System - Moodle (locally hosted)
  • 1-2 days of initial training for teachers
  • 1 day of training annually

Where are we now?

  • 1,075 half credit enrollments
  • 49 teachers
  • ?? courses: English, social studies, math, science, world languages, personal finance (most popular), art history, and more!
  • Carol McCauley - Central Office Personnel, Director of RCS Online Academy
  • Two technology coaches provide training and support for teachers (in addition to their full-time roles in brick and mortar schools)
  • One technician provides technical support part-time

What's Next?

  • Continued growth
  • Offer personal finance, government, or economics online, free of charge, county-wide