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September 25, 2020

Principal Message

The Enrollment and Program Balancing process continues as Kellogg Middle School opens in 2021 while a second comprehensive middle school, Harrison Park, also opens in 2022. The focus of this phase of the process is beginning with the Southeast community around:

  • Reopening Kellogg Middle School

  • Converting Harrison Park from a K-8 to Middle School

  • Identifying their feeder patterns and engaging the school communities that may be potentially reconfigured from K-8’s to K-5’s

Work recently began with a committee called the Southeast Guiding Coalition for Enrollment and Program Balancing to guide the process this fall, with a recommendation to the board of education in early 2021. This committee consists of Southeast community members, school principals and district administrators. They held their third meeting last night.

At that meeting, the coalition received an introduction to data used to evaluate enrollment and program balancing options and began to review a draft springboard presentation of possibilities. This is a starting point of possible options for the Southeast Guiding Coalition to think about, and they will continue to work together in October to ask questions and develop additional versions of a possible plan.

As a community, you also have opportunities to give feedback and input. Starting October 2, some families will receive a phone call to take a survey to help inform the process. The Coalition is approaching this work through the lens of racial equity and social justice. Therefore, the target segments are grades 5-8, students of color, and students enrolled in dual language immersion.

There will also be an opportunity to take the survey online soon. The SE Guiding Coalition will host Virtual Open Houses on October 22 and December 3, 2020 so you can see and respond to the proposals they have developed. I will share more info next week with details of how to join those meetings and links to the survey.

I will provide regular updates on the SE Guiding Coalition’s progress. You can also stay informed by reviewing materials posted on their website and livestreaming their meetings.

Starting Monday September 21st, Office Staff will have a Google Meet open for primary families to drop in and ask questions. It will be open from 8:30am -9:30am. Google Meet Code: WelcomeK5

Counselor Corner

Your counselors have a new Bridger K-8 counseling website!

You’re invited to check it out! It includes counselor contact information, school counselor “office hours”, and resources for: mental health support, social services during COVID, and anti-racism/social justice articles and read-alouds. It also has a link to a “virtual calming room” for both adults and children.


Ms. Howard joined 5th grade classrooms for SEL lessons this week. Moving forward, I will be in each 5th grade classroom weekly. This week students were reminded about my role as a counselor and how to access me. 5th grade students know, that if they would like to check in with me that they can:

1) Let a parent know

2) Let their teacher know

3) Email me at rhoward@pps.net

4) Use our counseling website to fill out a request form https://sites.google.com/pps.net/bridger-k-8-counseling/home

Next week we will be discussing ways to keep a normal routine when things are not normal.

I’m looking forward to getting to know your 5th grade student!

Ms. Howard will also begin office hours for Middle School students next week! I will let students know how to access me between their classes from 10:20-10:40. Access code is “HowardOffice.”

Middle school students can use these hours to say “hi,” ask me a question, let me know about a concern, or to set up an individual appointment with me for later.

I’m looking forward to supporting your Middle School students!


If your house is anything like mine these days, there is a lot of screen time happening. Fall is a great time to start a family reading practice. The first step is to add in any amount of independent reading teachers are asking of students. If your student has 20 minutes a day, consider adding that 20 minutes to your after dinner, or before bed time. Everyone can read together. Reading together is a great way to relax, expand your worldview, create more empathy and to just be together. Please email me for more ideas about creating a family reading routine, or for book ideas. mschardt@pps.net


Hello Families! Today I wanted to share with you some of the math apps available in Clever. These are available to all students.

In the classroom we have a variety of manipulatives students and teachers use to represent math thinking. These tools in Clever under the Math Learning Center are the digital version of these manipulatives. Students can solve problems using an app and then share their work with their teacher. Some of them take a little bit to figure out so be patient.

Here is an addition problem using base ten pieces for you to try. For fun share your work with me when you are done. I will send you something in return.

Gillian Schmidt - gschmidt1@pps.net

Art Club Opportunities!

Please click here to learn more about Art Club opportunities to be offered by Mrs. Archer!

Arts Club Information

School Climate/PBIS Supporting Families with PBIS at Home

During distance learning families and caregivers may be looking for ways to support their students with behavior and social emotional growth. Just like we use in school, positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a system that can be used by families and caregivers in their homes on a daily basis. It is especially helpful when events disrupt normal routines – events like worldwide health pandemics. This resource provides recommendations for families and caregivers on how to use PBIS to continue to support their students’ social and emotional growth and minimize behavioral disruptions in the home. This resource is available in English and Spanish.
PPS Family Resources

Please visit the district Family Resource page.

Childcare Updates from PPS

In addition to community child care programs that are available citywide, seven partner organizations will offer licensed child care in 11 PPS schools during Comprehensive Distance Learning. The programs will be phased in starting next week:

Sept. 28: Beach, Creston, King, Rigler
Oct. 5: Hayhurst, James John, MLC, Vestal, Winterhaven
Oct. 12: Irvington, Lent

To register for child care, click on the flyer below. Information below is included on the flyer.
English | Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文 | Русский | Soomaal

Child care programs

  • Accept children ages 5 - 12.
  • Enroll no more than 30-40 students per school.
  • Set aside 50% of the slots for families qualifying for state subsidies. Low rates last for one year if subsidy is approved by Oct. 31, 2020. State subsidy application is here.
  • Enroll PPS students and children of PPS employees regardless of which school children are enrolled in.
  • Follow strict licensing guidelines including stable cohorts, face coverings, hand hygiene, routine cleaning and sanitation, parent drop-off/pick-up outside of the school building.

SUN site managers, coordinators and community agents have been trained to support families in accessing child care, whether in a PPS building or in the community. In addition, child care staff have been trained on supporting students during distance learning.

For more information, visit the PPS Child Care website.


Hi Bridger!

The Latino Network Bridger SUN Community School has received a small amount of money to help support families who are experiencing financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please apply here (https://forms.gle/j6incXYKqhidy3uH6) if you are interested in this support.

Please contact Bridger SUN directly with any questions: melany@latnet.org or 503-502-1485.

Thank you!

My office hours are, Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm.

Melany Desrochers, MS


Bridger SUN Community School Site Manager

7910 SE Market Street
Portland, OR 97215
503-502-1485 / direct


http://www.latnet.org/ | Protect your community

Follow us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Student Council

You can view this to hear more about how to become involved with Bridger Student Council and upcoming dates!

Student Council Video

NEW MUSIC Opportunities for K-5!!

CHOIR: Starts Monday the 21st

K-2 choir M 2:45-3:15 code bridgermusic

3-5 choir Th 2:45-3:15 code bridgermusic

No audition necessary!

If you want to make music but you would rather play ukulele or guitar, Mr. A is looking at his schedule for times to offer those as clubs as well. If you already own a ukulele and are interested in uke club, or if you already own a guitar and are interested in guitar club, e-mail him at pajjarapu@pps.net with the subject ¨UKE CLUB¨ or ¨GUITAR CLUB¨, and we will work on the same songs as the choir, but on those instruments!

What songs are we going to learn? Well, we can entertain some requests, but I would like to do ¨Count On Me¨ by Bruno Mars, ¨De Colores¨, ¨The Rainbow Connection¨, ¨Remember Me¨ from Coco, and the Prince Royce version of ¨Stand By Me¨

I hope to see you there!

Mr. A. (the music teacher)

Distance Learning Tips & Tricks

Hello Bridger parents, guardians, and community,

This week, I would like to take a moment this week to talk about the importance of a ‘Distance Learning Space’ for our Bridger students. This is something that is new to all of us, but it’s something that is massively important for a successful distance learning year.

What is a Distance Learning Space?

A distance learning space is a space for your child to do their work. It doesn’t have to be a desk, or anything fancy. It can be a corner of the house made to look nice. It can be a spot at the table. It doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it is accessible, free of distractions, and remains in the house to be used as a learning area, and only a learning area ,.

Why is it important?

Research has shown that our scenery changes the way that our brain is processing information. Take this, for example: it has been shown that people that don’t have a television in their bedrooms get to sleep faster. Why? Because if your bedroom is only used for sleeping, once you enter your bedroom, your eyes will start to feel heavy. Your brain will tell your body that you’ve entered the place you use for sleeping, and you fall asleep faster, and have a better night's rest. Learning is the same way! If a student has a space that is only used for learning, once they access that space, their brains and their bodies will get into ‘Learning Mode.’

Here are some examples of low-cost distance learning spaces:

If you need any help, please reach out to someone on the Bridger staff to provide you the support you need.

Have a fantastic rest of your week and, remember, whatever you can do is enough.

Take care.

Technology Assistance

Centralized Call Center available for families to support all technology needs.

Web: pps.net/student

Email: support@pps.net

Call: 503-916-3375

English: 503-916-3375

Español: 503-916-3582


Tiếng Việt: 503-916-3584

Soomaali: 503-916-3586

Русский: 503-916-3583

Wifi Hot Spots

If your family is in need of a wifi hotspot, please contact our secretary Susy Hernandez at shernandez@pps.net to set one up.

Important Dates

September 14th-November 5th First Quarter of School (comprehensive distance learning)

By October 10th District to decide what second quarter of school will look like (in school building, hybrid or online)

September 24th, 12-4:30pm Student Supply Pick UP

September 29th, 5:30-6:30pm MAP Parent Q & A, Link to Meet: https://meet.google.com/vqh-gzct-kak

October 1st Virtual Back to School Night, 5:30-7:30

Family Orientation Videos

Below are the links to video recordings of the Family Orientation Presentations:

Activate Your ParentVue Account Today!

ParentVUE is a secure website and mobile app which offers parents, guardians real time access to:

  • School Messages
  • Calendar
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Class Schedule
  • Course History
  • Grade Book
  • School Information

Additionally, parent/guardians can complete their yearly verification of student data through ParentVUE

To sign up for ParentVUE, you'll first need an Activation Letter from your school. If you have not already received a copy of your activation letter or having trouble activating your account, please contact your school.

Update your student’s information online!

Benefits of verifying online via ParentVUE

• Complete yearly verification of your student’s information

• You can update your communication and language preferences

• Ensures your school has the most up to date information

• Saves paper and time

Each year parents and/or guardians are asked to review and update the information on file for their children (students). This information can be reviewed, edited and submitted online via PPS ParentVUE.

Get started by going to: parentvue.pps.net

Community News