Voyager Crew Bulletin

April 6, 2020: Distance Learning Launch

Strand Spotlights and Info:

Dear Voyager Crew, I could not be more proud to be your principal through this new adventure. Your commitment to students, to collaboration, to helping, and to connecting has been unwavering and so admirable. Beautiful things will continue to grow from this challenging time and I want to thank you for continuing to bloom!

I just finished passing out materials to families, who were grateful as well as emotional about missing all of us. Thank you for providing personal items and resources for students!

As we get ready to launch distance learning, and discover what we (and our students and families) can and cannot do well, and what's easy and not, and what's too much and not enough, and what works and doesn't, here's another perspective to consider in a thoughtful article.

  • Instructional Tip: If you are feeling like me, you are a little anxious about next week. You may be wondering what it will look and feel like, how students and parents will respond to our plans, and how you will manage time and home/family responsibilities, among other concerns. My tip for this week is to focus on CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION. Everyone is waiting to see what next week holds. Reassure students and parents that this is a LONG game, that we are only just beginning, and that we will continue to learn and grow together as we go. Make it your goal to connect with your students and for them to feel pride in one accomplishment this week!
  • Your Distance Learning Plans: While families will be picking up packets and resources today, please do not publish or send your instructional plans to families until Monday morning between 7 and 9 AM.
  • Office Hours: Teachers, please enter your office hours in our planning GoogleDoc and any regular Zoom meetings you intend to have with students (please reserve Wednesdays, 2-3 PM for staff meetings, collaborations, planning, etc.). Remember that the baseline expectation is 1 hr/per day or 5 per week--you should feel comfortable meeting that expectation and not exceeding it in your communications to parents. Anything above that is optional, though being available for students/families who contact you in need additional support is important as well. You may use the following language to communicate with families: “Office hours are designated times to provide students with support and feedback. Parents, please communicate with me via email, and I will get back to you.”
  • ALL-Certificated Staff Meeting Wednesday at 2 PM via Zoom: This will be a teacher check-in. We will resume a Wednesday rotation of meetings the next week, 4/15 with articulation. Please do not hesitate to request ANY type of meeting with me, including individual, grade level, or parent, etc.!
  • Classified Staff: You should be receiving notifications from the District on your work schedules and expectations. More to follow as we all learn about our new roles!
  • Being on Campus: It's critical that you follow safety and security protocols if you visit the site and any shared spaces (workroom, office, staff lounge). Please use wipes and sanitizer and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. Lock all doors and gates behind you unless you communicate with a colleague who is still on campus (or Jenny or Yolanda).

Please read our District's latest Newsletter here.

Calendar Events

3/30-4/3: Spring Break Holiday/No School

Mon 4/6: CUSD Distance Learning Resources Commence; Jenny on campus from 9-2 PM

Tues 4/7: 8:30-10:30 AM: Jenny in AdCabinet

Wed 4/8: 2:00 PM: IEPs (Speech only); All-Certificated Staff Meeting via Zoom

Thurs 4/9: 3:00 PM Deadline to submit Month of Military Child Video to

Fri 4/10-Mon 4/13: District Holiday/No School

Happy Birthday April Birthdays!

4/9: Sherril Altstadt

4/27: Ellen Cody & Molly Moy


Thurs 5/7: General PTO meeting at SSES, 8:30 AM

Wed 5/13: 5th Grade Families invited to CMS Spring Faire Open House, 5:30-7 PM

Fri 5/15: CMS Orientation and Tour for 5th Graders, 9:30-11 AM

5/25: Memorial Day Holiday/No School

6/4: General PTO meeting at SSES, 8:30 AM

6/11/20: 5th Grade Promotion/Last Day of School/Early Release

Special Education Updates

Thank you, Katie Leontieff:

IEP UPDATE: I am sure many of you are wondering what the status is for IEPs. At this time, we are still mandated to hold IEP meetings in order to stay in compliance. This means that we still need a general education (teacher) to attend, as this person is a statutory member of the team. The (meetings) will be held via Zoom (or telephonically.) At these meetings, we will be reviewing present levels, progress on previous goals, draft goals, supports and parent concerns. We will (discuss services, but likely )not be able to offer FAPE at this time. Case managers will work to schedule meetings around teacher office hours. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we begin this new adventure. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Month of the Military Child: Opportunity to Recognize our Military Children!

Hi CUSD Team!

Today is the official start to Month of the Military Child! With everyone at home, celebrating military kids this year will need to take on a different look.

All district personnel, school administrators, teachers, and staff are invited to send me a short positive video message addressing the military-connected students in your community. I will then compile and share out a link to a video. Ideally, I will create a video for each school site. As long as I get at least 3-4 videos it should work.

Video messages are DUE BY 3 PM Thursday, April 9. Please send all submissions to and be sure to include the name of the person delivering a message and the school you are associated with.

Let’s make Month of the Military Child as special as ever for these students!

Thank you,

Mindy Hayes

School Liaison Officer

Naval Base Coronado


Tips and Etiquette for Using Online Meeting Platforms (like Zoom): Communication for Staff and Families

For Staff:

Jennifer Landry has published a slideshow full of tech tips and directions here. Reminder that video conferencing is NOT a requirement.

How to avoid Zoom bombing:

From Zoom:

How to Manage Your Waiting Room
Watch this quick video breaking down how to admit participants from your waiting room into the meeting. Watch Now

Secure Your Virtual Classrooms with Zoom Waiting Rooms
Check out this blog post to learn how to secure your virtual classroom. Read More

As of March 31st, the Waiting Room feature in our account will be automatically turned on by default to ensure your virtual classes are protected and include only the intended students and participants. Going forward, you must admit your students to the virtual classroom.

How do I admit participants into my class?
It’s simple. As the host, once you’ve started the meeting, you’ll begin to see the number of participants in your waiting room within the Manage Participants icon. Next, select Manage Participants to view the full list. Then, you’ll have the option to admit participants individually by selecting the blue Admit button next to their name or all at once with the Admit All option on the top right-hand side of your screen.

How to Manage Your Waiting Room
Watch this 2-minute video breaking down how to admit participants from your waiting room into the meeting. What’s more, read this blog post to learn how to secure your virtual classroom.

Watch Now:
Read More:

Communication to Families:

Dear Families,

You may have begun using Zoom as a way to connect with friends and family groups via video/app. Some teachers may use this feature to connect with your child, though are district is not requiring video conferencing as part of our Distance Learning Plan. We are aware of concerns related to Zoom in particular and will be taking preventive measures.

We have some suggestions for safely/appropriately using this tool:

  • Your child should not be alone with an adult in an online meetup platform. If your child benefits from one-to-one support from a teacher, counselor, or (other role), plan to be present and available throughout the session.
  • Ensure your child and anyone else in the home who may appear on video is appropriately attired.
  • Choose a place in the home that is relatively distraction-free and quiet. Discourage pets and other family members from participating unless it's appropriate to do so.
  • Have all supplies your child may need readily available.
  • If the meeting is academic in nature, please refrain from eating on screen.
  • Take the opportunity to teach your child camera/video conference etiquette--maintain attentiveness and eye contact, remain in view, refrain from entertaining/distracting others.

Additionally, due to privacy policies, please do not take pictures of Zoom meeting screens that show other students and post it to your pages, newsletters, Facebook, etc. Any type of posting needs to have permission from all parties involved for our minors.

Minors (under 18) should not create a Zoom account. But important to know is that they don’t need a Zoom account to JOIN a meeting. Therefore, if teachers invite students to a meeting, they will provide the Zoom invite code, and if a teacher wants to hold office hours, they will provide students with the Zoom invite code.

Joining a Zoom Meeting - 1 min video link

CUSD and SDCOE Learning Resources During School Closure

Distance Learning Resources and Accounts sponsored by our School District:

American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge: sign your family up fir 10 days of heart-healthy activities at through our school.

Ticket to Read: All K-2 grade students have accounts. Username format FirstL### Password: csd4700####

Compass Learning: All K-5 grade students have accounts. Username format FirstL### Password: csd4700#### The school is silver

RAZ Kids: All K-5 grade students have accounts. The login format is different by grade level. If you need your login info, email your teacher.

Edutyping: All 2-5 grade students have accounts. The school code is corona75 and Username format FirstL### Password: csd4700####

Xtramath: All K-5 grade students have accounts/pins.

Sumdog: All 1-5 grade students have accounts.

Our Computer Lab page on the school website has additional login information for your students and academic websites your students use can be found here. Military-connected students may access for free K-12 education support.

Here's a link to many other available resources:

SDCOE Distance Learning Resources/Opportunities

SDCOE Content Coordinators have developed a list of resources specific to subject matter to support distance learning. Please click the links below to view resources that have been curated for each discipline.

Content Areas

Arts: Dance, Arts Integration, Music, Theater, Visual Arts

Computer Science

English Language Arts


History-Social Science

Library Media Services


Physical Education


World Language

English Learner Resources

More great resources:

PBS LearningMedia | Teaching Resources For Students And Teachers

Inspire your students with thousands of free teaching resources including videos, lesson plans, and games aligned to state and national standards.

Thank you for participating in our Staff and Family Car Parade!

It was wonderful to connect with you on Friday! We apologize to the families we missed and promise we will be back! We look forward to many more opportunities for connection, both virtual and from a safe distance. We miss you SO MUCH, Voyagers!!!

PTO News and Updates

We are SO FORTUNATE at Silver Strand to have the ongoing support of our PTO. Thank you for all you do with your time, energy, and fundraising!

Please order your yearbook and help our Voyager Yearbook PTO volunteers gather photos of all our students and classes! To order a book, visit this website. Yearbooks are $25 with a discount of $5 ($20) if you are a PTO member (use code SSESPTO2020). If you have photos to include in this year's yearbook, please download the "ImageShare" app, with Project number 025811. The upload code is SSE20. See more info in PTO section below.

Silver Strand Luau: We are so very sad to report that our SSES PTO and Principal Moore have made the difficult decision to cancel our Silver Strand Luau scheduled for April 24. We are so grateful for our PTO volunteers, parents, and staff who were preparing for this amazing event, along with a slate of amazing vendors and services. We fully intend to reschedule and hold our 25th Luau, but are not in the position to designate a new date at this time. Thank you for your donations and volunteerism--we look forward to mobilizing our forces in support of family togetherness and our wonderful school community SOON! We will have SO MUCH to CELEBRATE!

SSES Water bottles are on sale now! Proceeds from your purchase will help fund water filling station upgrades at Silver Strand. Link:

Put your child's Name in Lights on the Silver Strand's Marquee Sign! We now have a convenient online form to easily schedule your Birthday, Welcome or Farewell message! The cost is $20 and your donation supports the SSES PTO! Schedule online now:

Silver Strand PTO Board

  • President: Lori Blauert
  • Vice President: Nellie Ritter
  • Treasurer: Leslie Broussard
  • Secretary: Leigh-Ann Williamson
  • Parliamentarian: Lisa Emme

Silver Strand PTO
Call or Text: 619-537-8782

Join Silver Strand PTO Today!

In addition to building community, supporting curriculum, and enriching students' school experience, the Silver Strand PTO is responsible for Family Fun Nights, Holiday Shoppe, Yearbook and Luau to name a few. Our fundraising efforts provide for school field trips and enrichments clubs. We are unable to do what we do without the support of Silver Strand families, teachers and staff.

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Coronado Schools Foundation Events & Updates:

Telethon Postponed: Thank you to our Voyager Band and TK/Kindergarten Team, who assembled this morning for filming of their acts. We hope to share their performances soon.

Coronado Schools Foundation is in complete alignment with all communication and directives from Coronado Unified School District, and prioritizes the health and safety of our community, and particularly our children. To that end, we have decided to postpone our annual Telethon, that had been scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 5-9 pm in the CHS Auditorium. Working with district officials, we will announce a rescheduled date just as soon as that has been determined.

Telethon is one of Coronado Schools Foundation’s largest fundraising events of the year, and all proceeds raised through Telethon go directly back to our schools to fund the STEM and Arts Pathways programs impacting the education of every child enrolled in our district. We ask our business partners, community members, donors, and colleagues to work strategically with us to ensure that our rescheduled Telethon is again another exceptional success for our schools. If you feel compelled to give at this time, visit and click on DONATE. All donations will be acknowledged LIVE on air.

Coronado Schools Foundation’s mission is to raise and manage funds to provide exceptional learning experiences for all Coronado Unified School District students. We thank you for your partnership in this time of public uncertainty and applaud each one of you for continuing your commitment to the educational enrichment of our children.

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Coronado SAFE Resources

See the flyer below for resources on navigating physical distancing.

Visit Coronado SAFE's website for more resources and info on activities in the community:

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Military Connections: Focus on Anchored4Life

Silver Strand Elementary School is SO fortunate to have the full-time services of our very own MFLC (Military Family Life Counselor), Marie Millard! Our MFLC is available to help students through the emotions and transitions associated with military life.

Thank you to our community advisory members, MFLC, and students who attended the Anchored4Life Club training in October! Our students learned how to help their peers who are experiencing transitions. The Anchored4Life program at our school focuses on helping new students adjust to Silver Strand, lifts up students whose loved one is leaving for or returning from deployment and sending our warm wishes with students who are relocating. The Team Leads provide care package "Kits" with a theme designed to support each of the four transitions. The kits contain comforting items, coping skills, DVDs to help kids understand that they are not alone and helpful tools for parents. If your child will be experiencing one of these transitions this year, please inform their teacher or the MFLC to receive a free transition kit. The MFLC's information is always available in the Silver Strand office with the other resource materials.

You will also see our Anchored4Life Team Leads around campus this year presenting uplifting messages, helping with service projects and growing in their leadership skills. We are excited to be partnering with Anchored4Life to provide this service to all of our students.

Military Spouse Support Meetings:

ECDC Wed. May 20 8:30-9:30 Transitions

For information about military-sponsored activities for youth, visit the Fleet and Family Services website here.

2019-20 Parent and Student Handbook

Our Parent and Student Handbook includes more detailed information about our school programs and policies. Click here to access our handbook (also available on our website).

Community Agreements and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

We are in year 2 of a district-wide review and revamping of our supports and interventions for students, including academic and behavioral/social-emotional. The aim is for our community to have clear and consistent expectations and interventions with a restorative and supportive focus. Our Silver Strand MTSS committee has drafted a set of Community Agreements for students, staff, and families (see attachment below). We are also working on updated referral/intervention forms and a new look and focus for our "blue slip" incentive forms. We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress and inviting your feedback!

Stay Connected with Silver Strand Elementary School!!

We want you to be "in the know"! Read our weekly email, and please check our website to stay up to date on school news, programs, and upcoming events. There is a "Search and Popular Pages" tab on the middle righthand side of our Home Page. This contains Voyager Family Emails, PTO link, Menu, Calendar and other important information. There is also an orange PeachJar tab on the bottom right of the Home Page. PeachJar contains flyers for Enrichment Clubs and other organizations hosting events at our school and in the community. The link to our homepage is:

Check out and "like" our Facebook page to see photos of student events and programs!

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