Andrew Jackson

The Peoples' President? I think not.

"We had been carrying around portraits of a mass murderer all along, and had no idea."

When asked if they thought Jackson should be on a 20 dollar bill.
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

Jackson is a big fat zero

The Corrupt bargain

Jackson payed Henry Clay to dropout of the election, causing Jackson to win the election;which is more commonly called cheating.....

Would you want Jackson on the "Throne"?

If you knew Jackson would abuse his power and cause the economy to fail, and thousands of innocent humans to be killed,Would you vote for him as President?

Andrew Jackson is most definitely a zero

Andrew Jackson Has Got To Go

Jackson has to go

Jackson openly disobeyed the supreme court

Top 5 of Jackson's worst decisions as a president

(1) President Jackson engineered the vicious and imperial "Indian Removal Act." Despite its language suggesting a voluntary and fair "exchange" of lands, the act opened the door for the militias of Appalachia and southern states to drive the Indians, like cattle, from their land by force.

(2) President Jackson purposely and regularly ignored the power of the Judicial branch to judge laws. For example, the Cherokee nation resisted the "Indian Removal Act" challenging in court the Georgia laws that restricted their freedoms on tribal lands. In its 1831 ruling on "Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia," the Supreme Court addressed the question of whether native tribes could be treated as "foreign nations." It decided that they should be counted as wards of the federal government; BUT (emphasis added) the following year, ruled that they were indeed sovereign and immune from Georgia laws. Nevertheless, President Jackson refused to heed the Court's decision.

(3) President Jackson entered into the "Treaty of New Enchola" knowing that the Cherokee signing party did not represent the vast majority of Cherokees. When the followers of Principal Chief John Ross tried to hold onto their land, Jackson ordered military action in 1838. Under the guns of federal troops and Georgia state militia, the Cherokee tribe made their trek to the dry plains across the Mississippi. Thousands died en route from the brutal conditions of what has become known as the "Trail of Tears."

(4) In the words of Scott Nalik, Jackson came into office [Presidency] and created the spoils system. The spoils system created a precedent to hire only those in a President's own party to work for the administration. This policy spurred political divisiveness along party lines that continues to mar our political system. Hiring friends may be expediant, but it does nothing to help this nation. Any President who hires unqualified cronies deserves condemnation by the people he is serving.

(5) He destroyed the Bank of the United States, in the main, for personal reasons. Jackson hated the bank before his presidency because as a wealthy land and slave owner he had lost money due to its fiscal policies. Consequently, he refused to recharter the bank when Henry Clay proposed it in 1832. Even though it was passed through Congress, Jackson vetoed it claiming that it was unconstitutional when it had already been declared constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1819 through the "McCulloch vs. Maryland" case