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Bouncing Bunnies

Rabbit Jumping

People usually train horses and dogs but now there is something new which has been introduced to Autstralia and this is rabbit jumping. This peculiar sport has been around for a long time now as it first started of in the 1970s in Scandinavia. Dedication and hardwork is required when training rabbits as coaches need to train them techniques such as speed, to jump high and long.

About Alvin

Winning 3 trophies last year and 4 trophies the year before, this seroius bunny athlete is ready for his career. Alvin is a bunny rabbit who was chosen by his coach, Donna, to compete in bunny competitions. His family is: Father- Jordan, Mother- Pipy and Brother- Bonko. Alvin is just like a normal rabbit follows people around and enjoys life. So when one of the reporters went to see alvin at one of his comps, his coach said that he was nervous and concerned but all that waiting paid off when he won a trophy!