Miss Hilary's May Newsletter

It's been a great year!

Upcoming Events



Dress up cute! These pictures can be purchased on our “End of the Year Goodies” sheet in your packet.

NO SCHOOL: May 30 (Memorial Day)


On the last week of school, dress up your child in our cap & gown for some fun pics!


Please celebrate our last days of school with a fun pajama party at Sunshine! If we haven't celebrated your child's birthday this year, feel free to bring treats.

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Hurray hurrah - it's time for End of Year Goodies! The order forms are inside your May payment packet. These help pay for the graduation so we can keep it free every year for your family. Thanks so much for your support! New this year is this adorable pillow when you buy all 3 items! And as always, we have our 60-minute DVD of all the years' activities, our Grad Pics CD of all the graduation pictures, and an 8x10 class pic that will be taken this month on May 10-11!


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  • Date: Saturday, June 4
  • Place: Kuna Performing Arts Center
  • PRACTICE Time: 10 a.m. drop off, 11:30 a.m. pickup
  • GRADUATION: 6:30 p.m. drop off (no early birds please); graduation will be held from 7-8 p.m.
  • Every family should attend. Please invite your family. (It's free.)

Each class will be wearing a different color for graduation. Please let your child wear an outfit or t-shirt with the class's dominant color. Look below for your child's class color. (Kindergartners can wear any color, because they'll be wearing our gold caps and gowns.)

  • Miss Lindsay (MWF AM) - Orange
  • Miss Lindsay (MWF PM) - Green
  • Miss Karen (T_TH AM) - Purple
  • Miss Karen (T_TH PM) - Beige
  • Miss Diana (MWF AM) - Navy
  • Miss Diana (MWF PM) - White
  • Miss Lindsay (T_TH AM) - Black
  • Miss Lindsay (T_TH PM) - Red
  • Miss Hilary (MWF PM) - Teal
  • Miss Hilary (T_TH PM) - Yellow

Happy Birthday To:

Owen: May 6

Ruben: May 8

May Already?

Wow! I am always amazed at how quickly the school year goes by! We had an amazing month of fun and all of the students made great strides in their academic progress as well! We have enjoyed learning all about spring and metamorphosis and also loved actually being outside in the spring weather. We have worked on our letter blends and writing our numbers through 27! We have been working on a surprise Mother's Day project and the kids are so excited to bring it home at the end of the week!

We will be beginning to work on our graduation songs daily! I'm sure you will be hearing them sung at home too! We are finishing our HWT math books and working on letter sounds and letter blends everyday. We will be making a friendship fruit salad towards the end of the month. Our focus in science will be the ocean.

Thank you to all the parents who brought in items for our recycling art on Earth Day!

Our theme for sharing this month will be "something that floats." We will test the items so please make sure they can get wet! No family heirlooms! ;)

How fun was our field trip to the Kuna Fire Station? I'm so glad most of you were able to come out and participate!

Let me know if you have any questions about graduation or anything else!

Miss Hilary

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