11.1 and 11.2 Quiz on Thursday

Solving Equations

Quiz on Thursday, March 31st!

*11.1-Writing Equations to Represent Situations

Make sure you know the definitions of equation and solution (pg. 297)

See Example 2 pg. 298-You will need to write an equation to represent a situation

*11.2 Solving Equations (Make sure you practice showing your work correctly)

Solving Addition Equations

-See Example 1 on pg. 304

Solving Subtraction Equations

-See Example 2 on pg. 305

How can your child prepare for the quiz?

**Go over homework problems (especially the ones that he/she got wrong).

**Log on to my.hrw.com and try any of the Personal Math Trainers (If your child is having trouble with any problem, just click on "Step by Step" or "View Example" for help).

If your child is having trouble with any of the concepts, I am always available during homeroom.