Principal's News Update

Term 3 Week 3

Whatever it Takes ....

This week is officially National Literacy and Numeracy Week, a time to reflect on all the wonderful learning experiences that take place in the classrooms and around the school here at St.Augustine's.

'NLNW gives schools the opportunity to get involved in a range of literacy and numeracy activities. The Week aims to recognise locally the achievements of students and the work of teachers, parents and members of the community who support young people to develop stronger literacy and numeracy skills.'

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Our Prep students will celebrate their 100 Days of School on Wednesday with an action packed day, planned by their dedicated teachers. Other classes/year levels across the school have planned activities for this week and over the coming weeks to explore some books from this years Children's Book Council of Australia shortlist - one example of this is our 3/4 team coming together to share the Picture Story Book 'The Coat' and following up with creating a collaborative 'patchwork coat' that may be a perfect piece for their group Art Show exhibit.

As we are leading up to the Art Show, have a think about the books you are sharing with your class. Are there any texts that could spark some artistic inspiration?

Use the coming weeks to 'kill two birds with one stone' and use a PSB to create one of your art pieces like our 3/4's. Don't forget to take a look at the ideas displayed in the planning room and in the Book Week folder on the server.

Lenore has sourced this weeks inspirational clips below - the first has some really beautiful quotes about what we aim to do in our role as teachers/educators and the second is a familiar but powerful reminder of how we should never give up trying to make a difference to the lives of every child. Make sure you take the time to enjoy them and have a great week with your students and colleagues - we're all in this together!

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Maree, Lenore and Nicole

What's on this week?

The Main Events ....

  • 3/4's are off to Ceres In Brunswick to enhance their Environmental Sustainability Inquiry
  • Parent Seminar 'Stay Connected' on Monday evening in Cooinda
  • F/1 100 Days of School celebration day Wednesday
  • Read for Australia - Whole school simultaneous reading of 'Herman and Rosie' for Literacy and Numeracy Week Wednesday 2pm
  • Scientist Joe is back to work with the 3/4's on Wednesday
  • A couple of our clever 5/6 students are off to participate in the Robotics Regional finals on Saturday - Good luck
  • First Eucharist celebrations for another group of our Year 4 students on Sunday at St. Augustine's Church -

Thank you

Thanks for all staff who have taken the initiative (or 'rock paper scissored' off) to lead assemblies after play time. It's great to see the support for one another by either walking up and down your lines, reminding students of the expected behaviour or watching out for a class while their teacher is up there. That's what support looks, feels and smells like! It may be daunting in the beginning, but the more you have a 'Red Hot Go' at it, the more comfortable you will become. It's really important that students see all staff leading the assembly as it really empowers you and allows students to get to know who you are. You will build an 'authority' and respect from students which just may help you out one lunch time when there's a 'situation' out on play. As Denise K would say, 'love your work'!

Teacher Quotes
Starfish an inspirational message for all teachers
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Shaun Tan -'Reading Group'

"Design is an essential part of any picture book. It is the first aspect of a book that a reader judges. It is the frame-work for the text and illustration. It is the subtle weave of words and pictures that allows both to tell one seamless tale." ~John Scieszka in "Design Matters" from the The Horn Book