All About Me

By Marissa Tantaros


I love One Direction! They are so talented, funny, weird and many other things! I love every single one of their songs! Some of their songs are...

1. You don't know your beautiful!

2. Heart attach!

3. Up all night!

4. One way or another!

5. Kiss you!

6. Little things!

Those are only some. There are a lot more!!! I just love how before the x-factor Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn didn't even know each other and now they are like family! They are such a great group! I love how they are all British and Niall is the only One who is Irish! I can't wait until their next concert in Philly or New York!!!!!!!!

I LOVE Dance!

I love to do HIP-HOP! I have been doing HIP-HOP for four years! I go to Release Dance Academy! HIP-HOP is so much fun! If you like break-dancing, then you will like HIP-HOP!!!

Everyone always says that when you dance to be loose, but with HIP-HOP you just go with the beat! It's so much fun!

My Favorite Movies!!!!!!

I Love Shopping!!!!!

I love to go to the mall and walk around, but I love to shop even more!!! I could be in the for hours and hours. Some of my favorite stores are...

1. Hollister

2. Aero

3. Forever 21

3. H&M

4. Deb

5. Glitter

6. Clair's

7. Bath and body works

8. Charlotte Russe

9. Guess

and many more. I love going to the mall with my friends!


My favorite animal is a Zebra! They are so pretty! I really want a pet Zebra, but i probably won't get one!!!! I want to go to Africa and see thousands of Zebras!!!!!!