President of the United States

Do you have what it takes to be this nations leader?

What will the President be doing?

What won't the president do? The president gets to make huge decisions that will make America change, whether it be for better or worse. The president gets to control the way the country runs, with help from Congress and the House of Representatives of course. As President, you would be able to approve or disapprove laws, decide what's best for the country, and you get your own private plane. You could fly all over the world creating peace between countries and making friends with some of the biggest leaders alive.

Decide whether or not gun control needs to be in place.

The only thing protecting the 1st amendment is the 2nd.

As president you can show that the 2nd amendment still needs to be in effect and that gun control won't help anything, but rather it would make things even more dangerous. The second amendment is not one that needs to be removed.

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the most required skills for the president

1. Conflict resolution- To be able to unite the parties and be able to compromise bills

2. Motivating- To be able to motivate change in the people and the government

3. The ability to negotiate- To be able to work deals in America's favor

4. Trust worthy- The ability to gain the trust of a lot of the nation

5. Has a strong vision of the future- is able to see what we can and will be

Below is a link to the guided worksheet.