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Cuba is located in the caribbean sea north of South America. The most popular sport in cuba is basball of cource there is also football and basketball and some boxing. They eat Cuban cuisine, Moros y Cristianos,arroz con pollo,ropa vieja.

La Biblioteca

José Martí

The National Library of Cuba José Martí is the repository of -Documentary, literature, art and heritage treasure sonoro- the country, as well as the most representative of the universal culture. Es rectora del Sistema Nacional de de Bibliotecas Públicas Cubanas que con más de 411 bibliotecas cubre todo el territorio nacional. It is rector of the National System of Public Libraries Cubanas that covers over 411 libraries throughout the country.

El Rio


The indigenous name "Guantánamo" stands for "land among rivers". This region stands out because of its impressive mountainous rural zones as well as its important basins like those of the "Guantánamo- Guaso" and "Toa" rivers

El Campo


cuba is a small countrie but there countrie side is smaller, smaller then the countries around cuba. but they are sill able to grow crops and they can still provide for the people of cube so even though lt is small they still have enough.

La Casa


A casa particular is basically a private family establishment that provides paid lodging, usually on a short-term basis. In general under this term you can find full apartment and houses, rooms inside people homes, mini-apartments or rooms with separate entrance (studio or efficiency type rooms).

El Cine


Cinema arrived in Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century. Before the Cuban Revelution of 1959, about 80 full-length films were produced in Cuba. Most of these films were melodramas. Following the revolution, Cuba entered what is considered the "Golden age" of Cuban cinema.[

El Estadio


The Estadio Latinoamericano (Spanish for Latin American Stadium) is a stadium in Havana, Cuba. It is primarily used for baseball. Gran Estadio, a spacious pitchers' park with prevailing winds blowing in and boasting a playing surface and lighting system of major-league quality, was built in 1946 as the top baseball park in Latin America. Located in the Cerro neighborhood, it opened with the name Gran Estadio de La Habana and currently holds about 55,000 people. In 1999, it also hosted an exhibition series between the Cuban National Team and the Baltimore Orioles

El Gimnasio


The gyms there are not as good as the ones here but they dont complane about it. They also can be just out side with no building or just shade. But there is not diffrence in the way they use it, it is just the same as ours.

El Iglesia


The Catholic Church estimates that 60% of the population. The church consists of eleven dioceses , three of them with the rank of archdiocese . The figure of greater hierarchy is the Archbishop of Havana Jaime Ortega , created cardinal in 1994. Cuba previously had another Cardinal Manuel Arteaga Betancourt ( 1879 - 1963 ), who was appointed by Pope Pius Xll

El Lago


A channel built in 1940 (Chicola Channel) connected the lake to the Bay of Buena Vista, allowing for the sugar processed in Morón to reach the small port of Chicola.[2] In the process, the lake was contaminated with sea water, and it lost its characteristic white color. The channel was closed in 1988, and the milky color gradually recovered

El Bosque


The Cuban moist forests are a tropical moist broadleaf forest ecoregion that occupies 21,400 km² on Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. The ecoregion receives more than 2,000 mm of rainfall annually, and does not have a dry season.

Las montanas

It is located in the eastern part of the country, mostly in the Guantánamo Province and reaching to the north into the Holguín Province. Most of the reserve is established in the drainage area of the Toa River, which flows for 118 km (73 mi) to the Atlantic Ocean in Baracoa.

La Piscina


pools in cuba is the same as the ones in the usa but i dont see how they need a pool next to the ocean. The ocean is there own pool but they have inside pools and ouside pools the inside pool is a big buildling and the outside pool is big also but i think they spent more time on there out side pool

La playa


It is situated on the Hicacos Peninsula, between the Bay of Cárdenas and the Straits of Florida, some 140 km east of Havana, at the eastern end of the Via Blanca highway. The peninsula is only 1.2 km wide at its widest point and is separated from the island of Cuba by the Kawama Channel. This spit of land however extends more than 20 kilometers from the mainland in a northeasterly direction and its tip, Punta Hicacos, is the northernmost point of the island of Cuba


The plaza and its surroundings are also one of the seven consejos populare of the municipality of Old Havana.It has a residential population of 17,426.


El Restaurante

Restaurante 1800

this restront is one of the best in cuba and has a big selection of alcihole and other drinks and they have amazing food and they make sure that the food there is amazing.