Third Grade Blazers

November Newsletter

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Mrs. Haupt, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Keenan, & Mrs. Pingatore

Important Dates:

Monday, November 5th - No School

Tuesday, November 6th - No School

Wednesday, November 7th - Opens 4 hours late

Thursday, November 8th - Opens 4 hours late

Friday, November 9th - Dismiss 3.5 hours early

Wednesday, November 21st- Dismiss 2 hours early

Thursday, November 22nd - No School

Friday, November 23rd - No School


We learned all about a meteorologist’s job and they tools they have to use to forecast the weather! We even went to the Maker Space to create a class weather observation station! Next week, we’re going to learn about the different climate regions.

Pop Up Museum

We were able to visit our first pop up museum! A pop-up museum is a temporary museum that we will be using to showcase local artists. Classrooms visited this week and focused on thinking routines. Our first featured artist was Marge Hargett- the artwork pieces were amazing oil paintings- mostly landscapes and animal life- on canvas done with a knife painting technique.

Math is just a "Fraction" of our day!

Students began exploring multiplication! They will solve to find the area of squares and rectangles. Students will use a variety of manipulatives and models to represent their understanding of multiplication. Students will also work to understand that multiplication can be depicted in arrays, equal groups, and repeated addition.

Before students begin memorizing their multiplication facts, it is important that they understand what multiplication means.

Students will also begin exploring fractions with denominators of 2,3,4,6, and 8. They will need to partition shapes into equal parts to represent fractions. They will also place these unit fractions on a number line between 0 and 1.

You can help your child with these skills by using any of the online resources below.

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Word Study

We have begun word study groups with our students. Ask your child about the game, word sneak... it is a blast and an engaging way to start learning our new word patterns.

We have also been using word sorts, word study menus, and online tools like Spelling City and Freckle. Be on the lookout for word sort resources coming soon! If you want to have your child practice some online word study games, use the link below.

Do you want to read with your child more at home?? Check out the link below to access the October K-5 activity calendar!

GET EPIC! Book at home with your child!

We are using Epic! in class to nurture students’ love of reading & learning. Connect with our class for free at using our class code to see what your child is reading & find out how to access Epic! at home.


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Cook - ixa5568

Keenan - zqy6557

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

In second quarter, we move to Informational writing! The Art of Informational Writing focuses on one particular template of informational writing. Students will create a short informational book that demonstrates their expertise about a topic, using the mentor text "Deadliest Animals," as their model. In this unit, students will build on the strategies that they learned in the 2nd grade information writing unit and add new strategies that not only meet 3rd grade standards, but stretch them to explore 4th grade standards as well. Students will focus on clear introductions, elaboration, domain specific vocabulary, inclusion of text features, logical transitions, and short, summarizing conclusions.

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Third Grade Team

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