Informational Flyer By Ang


Three ways to be safe while cleaning, are do not swing equipment, don't leave chords where someone can trip, and be careful with broken equipment.

Cleaning Schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is...

  • Well a cleaning schedule tells you when the time and list of things you have to clean for the day or week.

Cleaning Products

The three cleaning products we use are...
  • Window cleaner/ used for cleaning windows / yellow rag
  • Floor cleaner/ used for cleaning floors
  • Sanitizer/ used to kill germs and bacteria/ blue rag




The two ways to clean windows are too clean with a squeegee and yellow rags and spray.


The three ways we disinfect in the hospital room, are tables that are over the bed, the stand with the lamp, and the chair handles.

Bed changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is so you don't spread germs around the area that it is in.

4 techniques to sanitary bed changing are...

  • Wash hands before you get items
  • Don't hold dirty items against your clothes
  • Roll the items up and put them in the pillowcase
  • Gets wrinkles out as best as you can