Monday Memo

Holy Name of Mary, Monday, November 18, 2019

Happy Monday!

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all your hard work on Progress Reports. I've spent the weekend reading them and am really pleased with the quality of the work that you have done as a team.

Please be sure to have a look through your reports when you get them back and make any necessary corrections as soon as possible. Then please pass them on to anyone else who needs to make corrections on the same set of reports. *If you have reports that Ron needs to make corrections on, please bring them to me when everyone else has finished with them. I can make the corrections for him.

Let's aim to have everything reprinted on Thursday so that we can stuff them all into their envelopes on Friday and not have to scramble on Monday.

Have a great week, everyone!


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This week's Shout-Outs:

A shout out to Mary for covering my class when I had to leave early. And a shout out to Cathy for surprising me by doing my duty on Wednesday.

- Lucie

Pascale for helping Julie and I out with the Christmas survey. We really appreciate it.

- Liz

I'd like to thank Micheline for doing an incredible job of planning and organizing the Remembrance Day Assembly last week. You took up the challenge and it was spectacular.

- Pascale

Great Stuff, Great Staff.

Here are a few photos of great things happening around the school last week. Don't be shy about texting me your own photos to include in these weekly newsletters. (Lots of people do!). I can't always get around to see everything, but I love to share what is happening in your classrooms. Click on any of the smaller photos to zoom in!
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The Week Ahead

Here is a peek at the week ahead. Please check our Holy Name of Mary Staff calendar for all of the latest updates on what is happening this week at HNOM. As we often have last-minute changes, checking the staff calendar is the best way to get the most up-to-date information on events and absences. This short video tutorial will show you how it's done.

Monday, November 18, 2019

  • Christmas Concert meeting at 8:45am
  • Ron away (Chris Toderian)
  • Andrew away (Marina Rigakis)
  • Andrea Ross in for testing

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

  • Ron away (Chris Toderian)
  • Deadline for French Teachers to enter the Concours d'Art Oratoire
  • Gina away at FSL Training (Jeannie Hendry)
  • Jillian away (am only, Kaitlin Driscoll)
  • Kris away at FSL Training (Mara Harrison)
  • Jennifer Brown in for SIP meeting with Mary, Erin and Sara Reid (no resource support today)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

  • Ron away (Chris Toderian)
  • International Day for Children
  • Spec. Ed. Team meeting at 8:45am
  • November Mass (Caldwell) at 10:15am
  • Grade 7/8 Needles at 1:00pm (Pascale's office)

Thursday, November 21, 2019

  • Ron away (Chris Toderian)
  • Gina away at FSL Training (Mara Harrison)
  • Kris away at FSL Training (Christine Provost)

Friday, November 22, 2019

  • Ron away (Chris Toderian)
  • Steve away (pm only, Christine Provost)
  • Debbie Balog in