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Logins and Passwords

Typically after breaks we see an influx of new students registering in the county. This video link will provide you with instructions on how to look up your students passwords and usernames in iNow.

Please remember: it takes up to 48 hours for that information to sync with Clever once it has been received.

Work Orders

If your technology equipment isn't working properly, email the following email address to submit a work order:

Thurman Francis -


Brown's Chapel -

**It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to put WORK ORDER in the subject line of your email.**

This is a procedure we have in place to keep all work orders organized
and as a result they are able to be processed more efficiently.

Include the following in the email.......
1. Your room number
2. The RC Asset Tag of the equipment if it has a tag number.
3. What problems are you experiencing with the equipment? What is it doing/not doing? Please be as specific as possible as this helps our technicians to better diagnose the problems.

Our technician will visit the school one day a week to address work orders. It is very important that you email your work order to or prior to the technician's visit.

Please see the example below.

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Have You Used Padlet in Your Classroom?

Padlet is a great interactive resource! When I was in the classroom, I used this all the time for gallery walks, text based questions, student polls, and organizing ideas!

Check out this link to learn more about this fun edtech tool.

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Upcoming PDs

We all know BrainPOP has great videos and quizzes, but there’s so much more!! In this

training, you will learn all about My BrainPOP for student accounts as well as the amazing

activities you can assign! Be prepared to “wow” your teacher friends and students because

you will leave saying, “I didn’t know BrainPOP could do that!”

Stay tuned for my PD flyer with dates and links to sign up!!

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