Absorbency Lab

Aaron Cooley

The Lab

On Thursday Sept. 3 we did an absorbency lab called "Beers Lab". The point of this lab was to see how much was the perfect amount of anesthesia for a lady we called "Betty".
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The Set Up

  • First we booted up our computer and went on to a program called "Logger Pro"
  • Second we plugged in a "Colorimeter" to test the absorption of light by the water
  • We would log the data into "Log in Pro"

How to Make a Solution

to make your solution you take the base and the other liquid or chemical and add them together to get the total amount of solution you want, the percentage of the other liquid you use is the percent solution you have.

What We Did

  1. We started by cleaning the clear sides of the cube beaker and then put the 10% solution liquid into the beaker.
  2. We would put the solution into the colorimeter and log it into the "Log in Pro"
  3. We would repeat the process for every different solution.

What Did We Find

The more solution in the liquid, the more it reflected.
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