Hunter Ruth's "How Do I Do It?"

"Hope is a waking dream"

Who Am I?

I am a person who values family, education, and happiness. I'm interested in computers, the latest technology, and the government. I have special traits that some people don't have like I'm a fast leanrer, I'm good with conputers, and I'm very likeable. I learn best on hands-on activities. It's godd to know this because it might help you decide what job you want to have.

Where am I Going?

My career as a Computer Information and Reasearch Scientists: I invent design new approches to computing technology. I work full time. I get $102,190 every year. The job outlook is 30,800 with an increase of 15%. I work in the IT cluster. I can stay inside or I can move around and go to a specific destination. The reason I picked this job is because I'm facinated by electronics and government.

How Do I Get There

I want to go to University of Arkansas Fort Smith. It's located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I'm going here since it's close to home. I wil need at least a bacholer's degree but I plan on getting a Ph.D. It costs $5,624.50. I hope to qualify for computer mathmatics.
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