Cerebrum: The Thinker

Learn all about the thinking part of your brain with Elisa

The Halves: Left and Right

The Cerebrum is divided into two hemispheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere mostly does the arithmetic, language, and step-by-step thinking. The right hemisphere gives you your creativity, music, and art appreciation.

on right: red part of brain is cerebrum

What does the cerebrum do?

The cerebrum consists of working your five senses, holds your memory, does your thinking, speech, stores information, and triggers your sensations and emotions. The cerebrum gives you all your ideas and thoughts, so you kinda need it when you go to school. The cerebrum is also the biggest part of the brain, and underneath the pinkish stuff called cerebral cortex your cerebrum is white. Also, the neurons in your brain could reach the moon and back.


Amnesia is what happens when you either hit your head really hard, brain damage, or brain disease, which causes you to lose your memory, remembering either nothing or small things or seeing something that devastates you for life. For instance, in The Son of Neptune (no spoilers, so don't worry. You'll find out anyway when you read it) Percy Jackson has amnesia. (I won't tell you why cause I ain't no spoiler!!!!! Unlike some people I know...not mentioning any names, King...) He only remembers a few faint details, and one thing is clear in his mind. Annabeth. (That's all I'm gonna tell ya folks, so read it yourself! In order!) Anyway, amnesia is also caused by some sedatives (which are drugs). Amnesia, as I said before, can be partially lost or wholly lost, depending on the extent of the injury or whatever that triggered the amnesia. I think maybe the damage that happened in Phineas Gage's brain was so severe it caused him to forget things and change his personality, therefore making him...different than before. So. The cerebrum holds your memory, so if you ever get amnesia, it's because something happened in your cerebrum to make you forget. So, I just thought the study of amnesia is pretty cool, and it has to do with the cerebrum, so yeah.