The Amazing Phonograph

Get the Phonograph it a new way of talking

Thomas Edison gives you the Phonograph

Thomas Edison say's this is easier and much faster. It is like writing that becomes sound. You can record your voice and send it to who ever you need to if they have the Phonograph

Phonograph is really easy just try it

About Thomas Edison

He was born February 11,1847. Thomas Edison rose from humble beginnings to work as as an inventor of major technology, so he set up a lab in Menlo Park. Some other inventions that he invented were the Telegraph, Electric Light Bulb, and Alkaline Storage Batteries.

Why is the phonograph Famous

The Phonograph is famous because of it's fast communication. This is the latest way of talking to people far from you and it gets their in seconds. Thomas Edison said it is like writing becoming sound. Its the recording of your voice sent to another phonograph. You can hear the talker through the Phonograph and then you can send something back faster than you can imagine.

Phonograph is always here for you