Native Cultures of Australia -Mackenzie

Where do they live?

The Aborigines live in the Outback in central Australia.

From where did they come?

The Aborigines come from a part in Europe and moved to Australia about 50,000 years ago.
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Historical facts

After 1788, European diseases, malnutrition, and violent conflicts grew over the population.

For marriage, husbands were often much older than their wives. A long time ago they barely wore any clothes because it is extremely hot there. They wear red and white face paint to decorate their bodies.


The Aborigines had many conflicts with white settlers and Europeans in the 1700s-1800s because the settlers started moving onto their land.
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Fun Facts

The British sent their worst criminals to Australia so they couldn't escape the continent.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere so they are having winter in June, July, and August there while we are in summer in the northern hemisphere. The Aboriginal dances mimic the movement of animals and travel to urban areas to perform their dances.

Summary of what I have learned from this research.

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The Aborigines of Australia are a fascinating group to research. I learned many facts, but the three that I found most interesting were that they have a different time of year, husbands are much older than their wives, and they mostly eat fruit and vegetables. Knowing what I do know now about these people, I would want to learn more about the Aborigines' way of life because they seem highly enthralling.