Personal Best Staff Nut and Bolts

2015-16 Number 1

PB Nut and Bolts

This is a new communication forum for me/us. I've been struggling with the best way to communicate to the staff important reminders about policies and procedures in the building. I welcome your feedback...

Cell Phone Usage

When I'm in a classroom as an observer, I use my phone to take photos of the amazing things happening here, to take some notes, and maybe check my e-mails. I shouldn't be doing that last thing... it's not necessary and it's not respectful of the students and staff who deserve my attention. My e-mails can wait. When you are in the classroom or supervising students elsewhere, like the cafeteria, please make sure your phone use is for a valid purpose that is related to student learning and cannot wait until after class.

I get it because I have to plead guilty on this issue. Our phones have become stimulation sources that are difficult to ignore. Maybe I need a "cuss jar" into which I toss a dollar every time I spuriously look at my phone.

BookRoom: Patrick's out of a job

For the past few summers my son Patrick has come in and tidied up the bookroom. I've taken him to lunch and given him a few bucks. Well, he's outta work now. Dan and Co. (they also make handbags) cleaned out the book room. I'm told you can eat off the shelves (but I wouldn't recommend it). Let's not sully Dan's fine work or his reputation as an amazing book room consultant. Don't worry, I'll have Patrick wash my car, or yours...

Faculty Meeting Attendance

Last year I made a compact with myself to refrain from meetings in which information is given that can be read in an e-mail, so we use this time for learning and sharing. Please try to get to faculty meetings on time. If we begin later we invariably end later.

Locking Classroom Doors

Yes.. please do this. We've got fabulous kids... but they're still 12 and will find mischief and sometimes candy, also maybe our wallets... if we leave our doors unlocked.

Resources and Links

Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones