Francisco Coronado

Read to discover Coronado's journey to the Grand Canyon.

Devon Gartner

Early Life of Coronado

Francisco Coronado was born in 1510 in Spain then he left Spain for a new world across the Atlantic Ocean. Year's before, the Spanish armies had defeated the Aztec Indians and colonies Mexico, calling it New Spain. Coronado would have a very influential friend in New Spain.

Middle life

Coronado found the grand canyon. Coronado never found gold on his journey but Coronado could not travel far. So they turned around and they stopped believing legends(legends are not real) like the Fountain of youth (young) and Coronado forced the native american to believe christian(means that you believe in god) religion.

End of Coronado's life

Coronado died in Sep 22,1554 Coronado died in mexico city Francisco Coronado died of unreported(means the opposite of telling you information) causes in mexico city more than 12 years after his expositions to explore Northern mexico city. he explored what is now southern west us and fought several times with the native such as the pueblo. he was injured in a fall of his horse in December,1541, and returned to Mexico. he died in Mexico city, where he was still an official at the time of his death,in ether July or September of 1554.