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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 48/February 28, 2021

"It is good that we are here!"

The Transfiguration sees Jesus standing alongside Moses and Elijah - two great figures in the story of the Jewish people. In the same way, Jesus stands alongside the different moments of our own stories. Any of your family stories - whether religious or not - have Jesus in the midst. In a very special way, Jesus remains a central figure in our Catholic story - fully present at each celebration of the Eucharist and always interceding on our behalf to the Father. This week's issue of The Family Zone helps you to explore the Mass and to reconnect with the communal aspect of the Mass if you have been worshipping at home; wherever you are...Jesus is present!

Journeying with St. Joseph

When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took his wife into his home.

-Matthew 1:24

Joseph showed great trust and obedience to God when he followed the angel’s direction. One of the prayers to St. Joseph is the Litany of St. Joseph where we pray to him as “Joseph, most obedient.” He is an example of obedience to the will of God, even when we may not fully understand it.



Family Stories:

  • "A Life of Our Lord for Children" by Marigold Hunt
  • "The Weight of a Mass" by Josephine Nobisso
  • "My First Interactive Mass Book for Catholic Kids" by Jennifer Sharp

Parent Article:

For Teens:


  • Church is its own special community and we often call the people in our church our "parish family." Write about the people in your church that you have gotten to know. Do you have "church friends?" If you haven't seen one of your church friends in a while, send them a text or a card in the mail!
  • Do you know the parts of the Mass? Do you know the words you are supposed to say? Write out as many Mass responses as you can think of. Talk with your family about what they mean. Mass is not a place where we are supposed to just sit and listen'; we have an active role to play in the "call and response." Just as if we were in a play, it's important to know and understand "our lines," and fully participate in the Mass (even if we are at home watching on the computer!)
  • Write out your answers to these questions this week as you watch Mass. This is a perfect tool to keep you focused if you are worshipping from home:


This podcast covers many topics that are "All Things Catholic". It's a good place to learn more about your faith, from two Catholic priests, in an approachable setting. Here is an episode on the Sacrifice of the Mass that aired last Spring


Here is a guide to fully pray the Mass if you are at home:

Want to be able to more fully participate? Print out this handy booklet of the responses and prayers we say at Mass and pray along; the more you say them, you will soon have them memorized!'s%20Mass%20book.pdf


If you are isolating, you can still participate in the Mass. Follow this link to find a Mass to join in:
Understanding the Mass (Trailer)
BF6 - Celebrate the Mass


  • Have a collaborative art day with your family! Each person start drawing something on your own piece of paper. Pass the paper to someone else and let them add to your drawing! What is the final product when it is done? You can also play over zoom with family and friends! Open the annotation feature on zoom and start to draw together! You can connect this game to the way we come together and play special roles in the celebration of the liturgy!
  • Can you identify the parts of the Mass? Here are some great game ideas from Catholic Kids Bulletin to try at home:


Wonder with St. Joseph

Today you heard a story that can only be called a “Proud Dad Moment.” And Jesus was lucky – both is Father and his step-father were proud at that moment. God called down to show how proud He was, and I still smile every time I think of Jesus in all his glory. AND his friends got to see it! What a gift for a father to see his son shine in front of his friends! I can only imagine how exciting it was for him.

Parents – How do you show your children that you’re proud of them? Imagine a cloud opening up and hearing your mother or father saying how proud they are of you!

Children – Jesus’ friends wanted to celebrate meeting his Father. Imagine if you were Peter, James or John, and hearing God’s voice coming from the clouds. How do you think you would react?


LITURGY: The public worship carried out by the people of God, the church

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