Anastasia Davyova

A Famous Russian swimmer

Personal Life

Since 3 years old Anastasia Davydova was engaged in various sports: rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, dancing. But after the first training in synchronized swimming Anastasia realized that this sport is ideal for her. Years of training have led Asya to the junior national team, and after the win at the World Junior Championships Davydova was included in the first Russian team.

In 2004, together with Anastasia Ermakova Davydova was sent to defend the honor of Russia at the Olympic Games in Athens. The athletes won two gold medals. At the next Olympics in Beijing it was the hour of triumph for both girls. They again became the Olympic champions.

Then for some time Davydova left swimming and before the World Cup in 2011 she was following the competition from the stands. But gathering strength, Anastasia returned into the sport. At the Olympic Games in London the champion took part in the group competitions. The Russian synchronized swimmers took the first prize, and Davydova became the fifth-time owner of the Olympic gold medal. After that, an athlete declared the end of her sports career.

Now Anastasia is the vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee and trains the future generation of synchronized swimmers.

The story of Anastasia Davyova

Her word in the teleagraph she said that "the olypics is a very exciting.Its only happens every 4 years,so theres no margin for mistakes"

she won both gold in syncronised swimming team and duet displines in 2004 2008.

biggest disapointment is along with russia spain domanated syhronisede in both european and world comation.China and canada aloes brings strong teams to both to the olmpics and world.She works with her partner Anastasia Ermakova.They work as a team in syronised swimming and have won sevral gold silver and bronze.Thev competed in the olmpics.Wacth out for them next olmpics because they will blow your eyes away and make you mouth drop.

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olmpics games

Thursday, Jan. 22nd 2009 at 7:15am


Shand her partner the Anstasia's won gold on this date in the olmpics