Buddhism & Hinduism

Tabitha Rhodes

Buddhism History

~Buddhism started by so many people meditated because of "Buddha".

~Buddhism started with the birth of Buddha

~Buddhism is neither monotheistic nor polytheistic, there is no personal god in the Buddhism religion

~Buddhism started with the origin to Siddhartha Gautama

~Started in Northern India around the 5th Century

The Babys Flesh

A young couple and their two-year-old child were trying to cross the desert, and they ran out of food. After deep reelection, they realized that in order to survive they had to kill their son and eat his flesh. They calculated that if they ate such and such a proportion of their baby's flesh and carried the rest on their shoulder to dry, it would last the rest of their journey. But with every morsel of their baby's flesh they ate, the young couple cried and cried. After he told this story, the Buddha asked, "Dear friends, do you think the young couple enjoyed eating their son's flesh?" "No, Lord, it would not be possible for them to enjoy eating their son's flesh." The Buddha said, "Yet many people eat the flesh of their parents, their children, and their grandchildren and do not know it."


How many people worldwide are in the Buddhism religion ?

Between 200-500 million people
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How were their beliefs spread ?

After the meditation, the men spread their individual beliefs

Holy Book

Buddhism did not have a holy book, they kept files of scrolls with religion, important information etc.
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Who is concidered Holy ?

No one is holy or special in this religion.

How is this religion organized ?

Buddhism is organized by Buddha as the leader, and the people below him following in his foot steps


How was this religion started ?

4000 years ago in India, Hinduism began

Who started this religion ?

It is to be believed to have been started by Brahma, known as the creator in Hindu mythology

Basic set of Beliefs

Their beliefs determine our thoughts and attitudes about life

How many people are in this religion ?

There are an estimated 350,000 people in this religion
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~~Hinduism beliefs spread by caravans~~
The Hinduism Holy book had a various amount of pictures with captions about the religion
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