A Scandal You Cannot Handle!

America's matriarch Martha Stewart is a financial fraud

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What happened?

It appears that America's sweet heart was cooking up a little bit more than some delicious homemade snicker doodles. On December, 27th, 2001, Martha was convicted of participating in insider trading. Martha is an American TV personality, as well as a well respected bushiness woman. Martha has written many books and appeared on many TV shows and has a net worth of 686 million USD, but even a non-stick pan couldn't stop Martha's fraudulent financial past from sticking to her. Martha and her stock broker Peter Bacanovic were involved in the illegal activity of selling Martha's own stocks. She avoided a loss of $45,673 by selling all 3,928 shares of her Inclone systems stock. For this, Martha was sentenced to 5 months of jail time and had to pay a fine over $300,000.

Fun Facts:

1.) It is hard to believe, but Martha is 74 years old and was 60 when she served her jail time.

2.) Martha was inducted into the Ne Jersey Hall of Fame.

3.) After serving her time in jail, Martha never participated in insider trading ever again