What the Freud?

Sigmund Freud wants you to know his business...

Personal information, not too personal, though...

  • Born: May 6, 1856 in Freiberg (now known as Czech Republic)
  • At the age of four, he moved to Vienna. The town in which he would spend the most of the remainder of his life.
  • He received his medical degree in 1881.
  • Shortly after, in 1882 he was engaged to marry.
  • His marriage had the outcome of six children, the youngest being Anna. (Anna was also a psychoanalyst.
  • After he graduated he then set up a private practice to begin treating various psychological disorders.


  • In 1896, he introduced the word psychoanalysis.
  • He made the words unconscious, conscious, and conscience to be popular throughout the time.
  • He pushed the thought that sex drive was the most important motivating force.
  • According to Freud at different times in our lives we find different parts of us more pleasurable.
  • All of his ideas came together to concoct his Psychosexual Stage Theory.

Psychosexual Stage Theory...once again, what the freud?!

  1. Oral stage (newborn-18 months)- They find pleasure with the mouth, usually sucking. Lol, that sucks.
  2. Anal stage (18 months- 3 years old)- They find pleasure in holding their poop and letting their poop come out. Hahaha holy sh*t.
  3. Phallic Stage (3 years old- approx. 7 years old- Children are pleasured by their genitals in ways of touching, sometimes even masturbation. A 3 year old, seriously Freud?
  4. Latent Stage (7 years old- puberty)- They restrain their pleasure in order to grow and learn. Wtfreud?
  5. Genital Stage (puberty to infinity and beyond)- The pleasure is then found in doing the hanky-panky. Ew, gross.

Psychoanalysis Information:

  • Several of his techniques are still used today in clinical practices.
  • Freud believed offering a relaxing area (comfy couch, dim lights, cool environment) allowed the unconscious began to flow out due to the relaxation.
  • Free association was something Sigmund believed in, extremely. He thought patients should be able to say whatever was on their mind even if it was completely stupid and useless.
  • He believed that if you fall asleep or change the subject to avoid something is the unconscious mind's way of saying that a situation is threatening to you.
  • All dreams had meaning according to Freud. So when I was on that roller coaster last night in my dream I guess I am just really missing Carowinds?! What the heck...

His main goal in psychoanalysis was mainly to make the unconscious mind seem to be conscious. Goodness and I thought I over thought everything. I don't have anything on Freud.

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