By: Peyton Nichols

Who was the first person to find Virginia?

John Smith



What year did it become a state?

June 25, 1788

Capital city name and the longitude and latitude of that capital

Richmond - 38 degrees North, 79 degrees West

Climate in winter and summer

  • Summer - 70 degrees
  • Winter - 32 degrees


Lots of Tobacco, farm land, lots of plants and grows lots of crops

2 famous people

  • George Washington- He was born here and was burred here and was famous president
  • Anthony Johnson- Achieved freedom

How did Virginia get its name

It got its name from a Queen

Main Reason for settlement

Gold, Natural Resources

Why would you settle here

one of the richest colonies and had lots of religious freedom

Why wouldn't you want to live here

might not be what you want

What is the main religion


What is the main Indian Tribe


Fun Facts

  • Known as the birthplace of the U.S.
  • Seven presidents are burred there Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, Taft, and Kennedy
  • Nickname is Old Dominion