Motivation Monday


Jumping Into the Holiday Spirit…Mind, Body, Soul!

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year! Wood-burning fires. Cozy Jackets. Super cold mornings with frost on the windshield. Holiday music round the clock. Almond Roca tins at Rite Aid. Toy drives. Ugly sweater parties. My kids in their festive PJs. Holiday cards. Elf on the shelf. The smell of pine. I could keep going, but I think you get the point.

It’s a magical time of year and what better than to finish off 2016 in both the holiday spirit and in shape! The next four weeks in prep for the New Year will focus on helping you feel empowered to stay the course. Similar to the series of last month, I will maintain a four-part style for December keeping the these focus points in mind: 1) attitude & perspective, 2) the reality of consequences, 3) proactivity, 4) celebration.

Attitude and perspective. Alright, you’ve got this! When it comes to your fitness and diet, it is about the nature of your approach and the manner in which you attach meaning to all the moving parts. What does that mean? Well, if you mentally tell yourself that you can do your best AND you fasten that position to the value of good health, longevity and happiness, then you are ready to nurture your attitude and perspective to exist in your favor.

What can you do to encourage this? Read books. Ever heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul? There are loads of books out there that feed optimism. (Email me if you need suggestions.) When it comes to social media outlets, I like @powerofpositivity on Instagram, and look forward to reading a great quote from them each day!

You can also go back to what you have written down with regards to your goals. Daydream about the benefits of hitting those goals and remember those benefits are holistic! They not only generate personal mind, body, spirit goodness, but they also offer a solid chance to positively impact another. This is the kind of contagious I welcome with open arms!

And talk to people! Express your feelings to those you care about. Invite a co-worker or a friend to join you on a run/walk/hike/fitness class. Let somebody in on your favorite clean-eating recipe. Get excited and share how you did a forward fold and were finally able to touch your toes. Pass your treasures forward!

Action items:

  • Jot down your thoughts about your attitude this week. What’s propelling your forward? What is holding you back? Any negative habits that you can shift and transform into positive ones?
  • Think about your perspective on health and wellness. Why do you place importance on good nutrition and fitness? If your health captures zero real estate in your mind, how can you carve out space to make room?

Lastly, continue to soak up the holiday season--the cheer and all it’s splendor. This past weekend we were able to meet up with dear friends at a beautiful campground in Malibu for the day. They have created an incredible early-December tradition of camping just a short walk from the beach with their kids, campers, surfboards and wildly fun personalities! As we drove away I felt so thankful that we made the very most of our time with them for we'd have to wait an entire year to enjoy this gift of a day once again. Same goes for this holiday season—we have 365 more days for it to come back, so don’t forget to open your eyes and check it out! Now’s the time!

In good health and much gratitude,


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A quick read on a weekly topic related to Health and Wellness written by yours truly! From the depths of my heart, I truly hope to help motivate so that you can feel inspired to take charge of your health and wellness and live the spectacular life you are meant to live!

Meghan Lyons, MS, Nutritionist

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