Political Parties

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

What are Political party?

Political parties are political factions that people unite for commonly shared political ideologies. Not everyone in a certain party have to have the exact same view just commonly shared beliefs.

Do Political Parties Help or Hurt




In washingtons farwell address he stated that the USA should stay away from and not get in to political parties. Stating that this would only cause the parties to downgrade the other causing disunion.

The Stands

Most political parties are in pairs like yin and yang in the U.S. have one solution to an issue and the other party has the opposite stand on the issue. With this fact it's hard for some people to find a canidit that full supports their own stands. So a lot of people have to close who ever is the closest to their standing and not what they want.


Vote Organization

Since there are only two big political parties. There are two choices when voting. It makes it easier for poll data to be collected to determine states voting patterns instead of their stands on issues.