The purpose of our app is to show people basic recepies (of different types) for special and normal occassions. The fitness menu allows you to eat a variet of delicious meals without increasing your weight and the special occassions tab allows you to prepare quick and enjoyable meals to share.

Things we will use:

Some of the tools we will use in appshed are:

  • Youtube videos (for showing tutorials or examples of the finished recepies)
  • Galleries (Examples of how to decorate your cakes and table for special occassions)
  • PDF Files ( To show the calories of different common ingredients used in cookery)
  • Social Networks ( So that you can share the photographs of your amazing desserts with your friends.)


We will use 5 main tabs:
  1. Home
  2. Fitness Menu
  3. Special Occassions
  4. Bakery
  5. More...
Each tab will have many pages in it (except the Home tab) . Some of the pages will be links to websites, others will be text pages ( for recipes) and others will be image pages to show the finished product. Each tab will have an averge of 5 pages, we want our app to have a variety of infrmation, facts, tips, recepies and images to make the user feel satisfied.


The font of our text will be either Helvetica or Trebuchet MS. The beackground of our 5 main tabs will be of different colours: Purple, Blue, Red, Pink and Green. The pages will have a background consisting on an image. All the images, colours, tones and forms used will be eye-catching and interesting to look at. We will also design a Foodtastic Logo for our app and the titles of each page and tab will stand out.