July 2014

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Welcome to the Team!

Jenny Flaud
Joined 07/10/2014
Sponsor Lisa Pearson

Taryn Cianci
joined 07/15/2014
Sponsor Ami Leon

Kathy Egan
joined 07/19/2014
Sponsor Tara Mullins

Stefanie Morris
rejoined 07/20/2014
Sponsor Kimberly McKnight

Kathleen Tavoni
joined 07/25/2014
Sponsor Carolyn Thomas


Looking for Consultants

Director's Corner & OUR TEAM STATS FOR JUNE 2014

My PV: $2,311
Parties: 4
Recruits: 1
My Paycheck as a Consultant: $577.75
My Paycheck as a Senior Director: $1,913.61
Our Team Sales: $20,532
Our Total Team Sales: $31,688
Total New Recruits: 7
Total Team Parties 72
Active Team Members in My Generations 0: 51
Active Team Members on Our Total Team: 158

This is not here to impress you,
But to press upon you what is possible with thirty-one!
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