Switzerland country report

by: Mallory Myers

Basic facts

Capital: Bern

Population: 8,121,830

Type Of Government: Federal Government

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Types Of Currency: Swiss Franc

Major Industries:

  1. clocks
  2. watches
Natural Resources:

lime, salt, sand, gravel, clay, and marble.

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Switzerland is located on Europe.

Italy, France, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany are Switzerland bordering country's.

(which means this is a land locked country)

winter in Switzerland is long and snowy.

summer in Switzerland is usually mild.

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Customs and Culture

breakfast- cheese dip, they take bread in spread cheese dip all over the bread

lunch- potatoes, they have potatoes in many forms such as: french fries, boiled, baked

dinner- sausage, they grill the sausage and eat it with a syrup on top

They celebrate National Swiss day and set off fire works and listen to church bells

3 Major Religions

  1. Roman Catholic
  2. Protestant
  3. None
Switzerland is 9 hours ahead of us (pacific time)
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English: Language:

Hello gruezi (groot-see)

Good Bye uf wiedurluege (off vid duh looah guh)

Yes je (yah)

Thank you danke (dahn-keh)

How are you wie geht es dir

my name is... hallo mein Name ist

other facts you probably didn't know

Switzerland has the Swiss alps and Rhine falls

  1. has one of the lowest crime rates
  2. has 4 national languages French German Italian Latin
  3. chocolate is a major export

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