california budgeting issues

whats in the minds of californias people?

building an bigger problem

The gov­ernor’s pro­posed budget would in­crease state spend­ing on schools, health­care and wel­fare for poor Cali­for­ni­ans. Brown also pro­poses stash­ing $1.6 bil­lion dollars in a rainy day fund as a buf­fer against fu­ture eco­nom­ic tur­moil. His budget pro­pos­al in­cludes nearly $10bil­lion more than an­ti­cip­ation for schools and com­munity col­leges. The spend­ing pri­or­it­ies re­flect Cali­for­nia’s fin­an­cial turn­around after years of spend­ing cuts.

california budgeting issues

Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 9pm

California, United States


He wants to put $1.6 billion in a (rainy day fund) that will help the state get through their future recessions.a man named Brown noted at the news conference that when they include unfunded term pension obligations in the massive (wall of debt), the total comes to about $355 billion dollars.

the marks of cali's adventure

A robust economic recovery and surging revenue propelled by voter-approved tax increases have sent California's general fund spending to a record high, marking a dramatic turn-around from the state's days as the nation's poster child of fiscal dysfunction.