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Higgins Big Boom!

Captain Anthony F. Lucas, the leading expert in U.S. on salt dome formation. Lucas drilled to 575 ft before running out of money.

Lucas continued drilling and on January 10, 1901, at a depth of 1,139 ft , what is known as the Lucas Gusher or the Lucas Geyser blew oil over 150 feet in the air at a rate of 100,000 barrels per day (4,200,000 gallons). It took nine days before the well was brought under control. Spindletop was the largest gusher the world had seen and catapulted Beaumont into an oil-fueled boomtown. Beaumont's population of 10,000 tripled in three months and eventually rose to 50,000. Speculation led land prices to increase rapidly. By the end of 1902, more than 500 companies had been formed and 285 wells were in operation. By the end of 1902, more than 500 companies had been formed and 285 wells were in operation.

Big Boom Argument

Dear Editor,

I am a concerned citizen, I am concerned about all the boom towns popping up around hear. I for one am against the boom town popping up.

I used to be able to relax in my little town house but now I can’t. there are too many cars honking there horns an being noise.

One day I let my kid go play outside and he almost got hit by a car. These people don’t pay attention to where there are driving. I refuse to let my kid go play outside until you stop boom towns

Dear Editor,

I am one for the idea of boom towns. My little town used to be a nobody town, but since we found oil every one wants to come to our little town.

Since I now know there is oil hear I started drilling my own well, and since I own land all ready I don’t have to waist my money on land. I found oil and become a well know man with a lot of money.

Do you want to make tons of money?

You could make 100,000$ a year!

Just come work at the oil rigs

Mystery Interview

Clell Reed, worker for HUMBLE oil company. Here is an interview with him.

Where are you from? “I was raised in the cotton patch down in Millls county. I had made a crop of 50 acres and had one bale of cotton, and that’s when my father said”, “son, you better go down to the oil patches like your brothers.” “So I went”.

How much was your first salary?

“My first salary as an fuel restocker for HUMBLE oil company was $4.05 per day.”

How was the company town like?

“The town was horrible! You lived in little clapboard houses and every weekend, there would be thousands of people going to pubs and bars on the streets. Shootings were common.

How was normal life?

“Life was well, I had enough money to meet inflation, The oil companies are good people, they took care of us in the company town.

Do you need to get around the country?

Well buy a train ticket for 85 cents.