The amazing Vietnam

Learn more about vietnam by reading this By:Shivya and Ethan


Vietnam's weather is tropical. In the Northern highlands it is cold and frosty. In the Southern highlands it is hot and so it is close the equator. May - October it is hot. November-January it is dry. February-May it is winter.


The population in Vietnam now is 92,477,857. This in the whole of Vietnam. In Hanoi and Ho chi Minh are the most populated cities in the whole of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh's population is 7,000,000 and above.

Capital City

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Hanoi's population now is 2,668,000.


In Vietnam there are a lot of rivers,hills and mountains. Vietnam has 57 provinces. Vietnam's highest peak is Mt. Fan Si Pan. Vietnam's land is also shaped in a S. 127,243 square miles in Vietnam.

Crops and Agriculture

Growing rice, coffee beans, corn and sugar cane is important to grow in Vietnam. They export tea, rubber and textiles. They have chili, pineapples,durian, coconut and papayas.

Natural Resources

They have many natural resources and here are some: Fossil fuels,Fish, Phosphates, Mangnese, Timber, Hydro power, Gold, Iron ore, Salt and Tin.

System of Government

A 450- member national assembly elects the President as well as the Vice President and Prime minister. Their Independence day is on September, 2, 1945 and they got it from France.


The red field symbolizes revolution and blood. The 5 pointed yellow star symbolizes the 5 elements of the populace which are; Peasants, Workers, Intellectuals, Traders and Soldiers that unite to build socializime