Hassels' Headlines

April 8th, 2016

My Absence

Per my email previously this week, I will gone this Friday and all of next week. I am joining my husband on a business trip to Hawaii! Mrs. Donna Swanson will be my sub and the students know and love her:) She will have access to my email but handwritten notes with any changes in dismissal, doctor notes, etc would be greatly appreciated. I have given the students the next two weeks off and I am writing one newsletter to let you know what we did this week and what we will be doing next week.

PARCC Testing

We survived our first round of PARCC testing. The students did great! We are staying "PARCC Positive" in the Hassels class:) The Reading tests are done and next Monday and Tuesday the students will take the Math tests. Please make sure your child gets a good night sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and brings their charger and headphones to school everyday for testing. Here is the remaining test schedule for next week...

April 11th- Math Test- Unit 1 (morning)/ Math Unit 2 (afternoon)

April 12th- Math Test- Unit 3 (morning)/ Math Unit 4 (afternoon

News You Can Use!

Spirit Wear orders- An order form was sent home in the Friday folder. All orders are due by April 14th.

Book Mark contest- The Huntley Library is have a bookmark design competition. All students received an entry form. This is an option activity and entries are due April 18th.

Book Fair- The Book Fair will take place April 25th-29th. Here are the hours they will be open for business...

Mon-Weds: 9:30-2:30

Thurs: 9:30-2:30, 5:30-7:30

Fri: 9:30-12:00

Important Dates

April 13th- Opera for the Young Assembly

April11th-12th- Math PARCC Testing

April 15th- NO SCHOOL- Institute Day

April 25th-29th- Book Fair

April 26th- Spring Pictures

April 28th- Art Show/Book Fair 5:30-7:30

May 13th- Fieldtrip to the Fermilab (more details coming soon)

May 20th- Battle of the Books competition (more details coming soon)

June 3rd- Last day of school!

Battle of the Books

The students are working hard reading their Battle of the Books that they were assigned. They had some extra reading time this week and hopefully were able to complete another "Cover to Cover" sheet to summarize their story. They will use these sheets next week when they are put into their BOB groups. In the groups the students will share their summaries and take notes on books they have not read yet. They will use these notes to "study" for the big battle coming up in May!

Subject Snapshots


Story- Unit 4 Review

Comprehension Skills: Character and Plot, Compare and Contrast, Sequencing, Graphic Sources

Conventions: Pronouns, Contractions and Negatives

Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms, Multiple Meaning Words, Unknown Words, Greek and Latin Roots

Writing- Biography


Unit 8: Perimeter and Area

Social Studies: Earning Income (Theme 2)


We are doing the Unit 4 Review for the next two weeks. We have been discussing pronouns (singular, plural, possessive, and pronouns with antecedents.) We did a fun Pronoun Pear Deck and next week they will do some fun Kahoot games to review all the types of pronouns. The comprehension strategies we focused on this week were compare and contrast, graphic sources and idioms. We made a fun ABC book of Graphic sources and the students made Idiom Google Draw projects. Next week the focus will be on sequencing and character and plot. The students will do a "How To" Wiki project for seqeuncing and a OR code activity for plot. They will also take the Unit 4 test.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

This week in Math we learned the formulas for the area of parallelograms and triangles. We used straws and twist ties to make parallelograms and determine the differences between rectangles and parallelograms. This activity helped us find that the formula for rectangles and parallelograms are the same. We did some fun cutting and gluing projects to determine the formula for the area of a triangle is half the area of a square or rectangle! Next week we review all the formulas and methods for determining area in many shapes.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

This week in Math we began Topic 10 in enVision. In this topic, your student is learning about volume. He or she will learn how to find the volume of a rectangular prism, then use that understanding to formulate a plan to find the volume of a solid figure that is the combination of two or more rectangular prisms. Your student will also use models to develop the formula for volume and to recognize a cube with a side length of one unit as a unit cube having one cubic unit of volume. This will give him or her the skills necessary to solve problems involving volume, the area of the base of a prism multiplied by the height of the prism. Looking at and discussing how many unit cubes would fill the rectangular prisms will help them be able to visualize this concept.


Each student chose an influential person in history to do a biography writing project. We researched using the internet and books from the Conley library. In order to not plagiarize our work we learned how to cite our sources using an app called EasyBib. We watched a great video about why it is important to cite your sources when researching and then watched a screencast for how to add EasyBIb to any Google Document. Each student must cite at least three sources on their Work Cited page in Google Classroom for this project. After completing their research and biography organizer they will put all this information in a Thinglink. Miss Malinger came in a taught a lesson on how to use this awesome website to make their biographies come to life! They will continue to work on their Thinglink projects next week and post them to a Padlet Wall so other classmates can view their projects!

Social Studies

We learned about the importance of saving money through a fable called the Grasshopper and the Ant. The students enjoyed this tale:) We also watched a fun video to review the concept of opportunity cost and trade-off. Finally, we learned all about how to earn interest on money through a Brainpop video, Next week they will play an opportunity cost game and review the vocabulary from this lesson using the book called Pigs Will Be Pigs.


They did peaceful playground games, knockdown and king of the court.


They made paper mache paintbrushes for the Art Show!


They are learning about the Opera and the Musical "The Magic Flute." They also made major and minor posters.