Social Emotional Learning

Trotwood-Madison Department of Student Services

The Wellness Sanctuary

All are welcome to the Wellness Sanctuary! Located in the Curriculum & Student Services Department. Take some time out of your busy day for a massage, mediation, yoga or the inversion table. This is a space to calm your mind, body and spirit.

6 Ways to Build Strong Teacher-Student Relationships with SEL

  1. Show Students You Care.
  2. Develop Mutual Trust.
  3. Consider Students' Perspectives.
  4. Practice Constructive Discipline.
  5. Offer Words of Encouragement.
  6. Get to Know Students' Families.

For more information click on the text below to find the article from Aperture Education.

SEL Consultant Corner: Regulation

Brandy Pledgure, MCESC SEL Consultant

Regulation is defined by Dr. Bruce Perry as "putting time and thought between a feeling and an action.” Dysregulation is the state of distress, or activated stress response system. Dysregulation is the brain's response to a real or perceived threat. Co-regulation and self-regulation strategies are used to calm those flight, fight, and freeze responses. Regulating the brainstem to get from downstairs part of brain(stem) to upstairs brain(cortex) are acquired by the following Tier 1 Interventions:

  1. Ensure physiological needs are met
  2. Create structure and expectations
  3. Rhythmic repetitive movement
  4. Breathing (easiest and fastest!)
Stress, Trauma, and the Brain: Insights for Educators--Regulating Yourself and Your Classroom

SEL Spotlights

Resource Spotlights

Smiling Mind (website and app) can be used for all ages and has specially designed programs for students at school and adults at work and home. Smiling Mind provides the tools for meditation and mindfulness. It helps to foster good mental habits, creates calmer classrooms, less overall stress, engaged and focused students and is practical and easy to implement.

Professional development is available upon request.