The Cristmas Carol

By : Jordyn

The Play

You should go see the play because it's very thriving experience, the play it wouldn't be formed without the cast, props also without the stage crew, all of these things come together to make a wonderful production.

The cast interacts with the people in their facial expressions they make, the singing and dancing, one of my favorite parts because I really enjoy doing both of them.

Also the props are one of the important things that you need in the play because it tells you and makes it more clear of the time ,place setting, season, and atmosphere.

Additionally, the stage crew makes the whole thing flow together, they control the lights, sounds, echoes, making things move, costumes, makeup ,and giving the actors more self-confidence and pride.

Overall without all of these parts there wouldn't be a great production and a awesome play.

Go to see the show it's not one that you'll want to miss.