Technology Class

By: Josiah B.

Typing Web

* You type 5 minuets every day for a warm up.

* There are little passages that you type in each section.

* For every passage you get rated 1-3 stars on how well you do.


* I liked how we got lots of freedom on the project.

* You have to make a trailer about yourself and/or family.

* No images form the internet were aloud because it would make it boring.

Haiku Deck

* It's a website that you can make slide presentations.

* We presented our slides to the class.

* The presentation was on our dream job.

Explain Everything

* You create a presentation on a math problem and had to solve the problem and show how to.

* On the presentation you had to record your voice while you went through the problem.

* We had to watch a video on how to use the app just in case you don't know.

Career Locker

* It is a website you do that helps you get a clearer path on finding a job.

* You learn what colleges you could go to for different jobs.

* Mrs. Vandenbogard go's threw the website with us.


* You learn how to code on the website.

* Videos will help you out on solving some levels.

* Each level is like a puzzle that you have to solve.