Learning for all ages and suitable for children above 9

Before Birth

What are you before birth?

Before you were born, your parents joined together. When they joined, your fathers sperm went to the girls egg and started to fertilize into a baby. It takes 9 months for you to grow in your mothers stomach.

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Baby Hood

What is Baby Hood?

When your in your Baby Hood, your in the age between 1 day - 5 . You learn how to walk and talk and you discover new things.

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Child Hood

What is child hood?

Child hood is when you in the age between 5-10 years old. You learn how to write and you go to school and get an education. YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE A FUN CHILD HOOD

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What is puberty?

You get puberty at the age 10-13. When you get puberty your body starts to change. You start to grow hair under your armpits and also on you vagina. Your breast start to grow bigger and you get your period.


Period is when blood comes out of your vagina and it allows you to make a baby after 14 days after your period. When be u get your period, you emotions start to change, one minute you could happy and a joyful, next minute u could so angry, next minute you could be so tired! This is what happens when you grow older

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A teenager is when you become older, which means you are almost an adult. When you beome a teenager , you should get a job and and you will go to collage and get a carriea.

Also you are able to do things indapendintly . THe age is in between 10-19

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Adult Hood


Adult hood is when you become old enough to get a full time job , get married and have children. This adult hood in in the ages between 20-60 years old.

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Old Age

Old age is the ages in between 60-100 or more ( if anyone lives up to that old ). when your old age , your body becomes weaker and you start to get rinkles and your hair starts to turn gray. After old age you eventually you will die.......

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