My ASL Crash Course

(7 Weeks)

Driving Question

Can I learn sign language well enough in 7 weeks, so I am able to teach people how to carry on a basic conversation with a deaf person?


I want to pursue ASL because I have great passion for language, and right now, I only know English, which is boring. I also love learning about cultures, and the deaf community have one that is entirely their own.
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All I'll need to study ASL is: a passion for learning, hands, and (of course) the internet.


Week 1: Learn about culture of the deaf

Week 2-5: Master the basics of ASL communication

Week 6-7: Put together the visual aids (a slide show)/notecards for the mini-lesson

Week 7: Present mini-lesson

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To show what I learn, at the end of my research, I'll do a highly interactive lesson with the people in our T.A.G. class. To help things along, I'll also have some visual aids up on the projector, such as a picture of the ASL alphabet. In my mini-lesson I'll want to cover these things and possibly more:

  1. The ASL alphabet
  2. People's name signs
  3. Relation between facial expressions and meaning of signs
  4. Signs necessary for basic conversations, such as "Thank you", and "Where's the bathroom?"
  5. Deaf Culture
At the end, people will pair up and try to have a conversation in only ASL. I'll walk around and help people if needed.
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Key Words

I will use the search word: ASL.


Through the course of my learning, I'll meet these standards:

  • Work productively and are accountable for their actions. (21.K-2.ES.5)
  • Shows initiative and demonstrate self-direction in activities. (21.K-2.ES.4)

Possible Challenges

I think it may be challenging to learn sign language well enough to teach many people at a time.