Automotive Engineer

dylan gidley 6th period

How many years of college do you need to be an Automotive Engineer?

To become a Automotive Engineer you need to have at least 4 years of college. You also need to have a bachelors degree.

How much money would u make as an Automotive Engineer?

You would make between: 73,000$-80,000$ a yesr.

Where will my work be located? What is the company called?

It will be in Austin Texas. The company I will be working at is called: Freescale Semiconductor inc.

What is an Automotive Enginner?

An Automotive Engineer is somebody who works on cars, and other automotives.

The things I will want?

Is a 3.7$ mansion, A big game ranch, and a jacked up 4x4 chevy
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There is the mansion that is 3.7 million$.
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Big Game Ranch

The Big GAME Ranch I want.
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Jacked Up 4x4 Chevy.

The jacked up chevy i want when i become an automotive enginner.