Residential Services | December 4, 2014

Housing Selection 2015-2016 is Coming!

Housing Selection Opens Soon

It’s that time of year again for students to consider where they will be living next year. Did you know that research shows that students who live on campus statistically have a better chance at academic success? WPI offers quality living solutions for students. This year's Housing Selection has been designed to make it very easy for you to find a suitable living option on campus WPI.

One of the biggest myths about housing selection that we hear from students is that we do not have enough upper-class beds on campus. After many years of watching our housing selection numbers, we know that we will have beds for students that want them and we will work with every student that wants on campus housing to help them secure a bed for the 2015-2016 school year.

We also know that you often feel pressured by local landlords to jump into a lease early. We work with local landlords and rental agencies, and we know that people are posting local apartments all the way through the spring and summer. So before jumping into a lease, we encourage you to fully explore the housing options on campus. We purposefully hold our housing selection process in C term so that students are settled with their housing plans for the following year, allowing you to focus on your academic work.

December 15th- January 23rd you may sign up for housing selection on our new housing system, Starrez. There is no cost or commitment to sign up. You are only billed if you or a designated group leader selects housing between February 16th-20th, which will be done online this year. In January and February we host information sessions, housing tours, and specialty events to educate you about your options. On December 15th we will announce more details about the process with some instructional videos on how to sign up for housing selection. For more information, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Residential Services at 508-831-5645 or res-services@wpi.edu.

Housing Selection Timeline

  • December 15th, Sign Up for Housing Selection Opens, Online
  • January 23rd, Sign Up for Housing Selection Closes
  • January 26th, Group Formation Open, Online
  • February 6th, Group Formation Closes
  • February 9th, Group Numbers/Times Out
  • February 16th-20th, Housing Selection Week, Online

Info Sessions

  • January 21st, Faraday Hall 7pm
  • February 11th, East Hall 7pm

Housing Tours

  • January 17th, Upperclass Housing Locations 10am-2pm
  • January 31st, Upperclass Housing Locations 10am-2pm

Roommate Matching Sessions

  • January 28th, East Hall 7pm
  • February 4th, East Hall 7pm

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