Body Language video Assignment

Corey Ullom 10-30-13 #21 Period 3

What Body Language Is

93% of all communication is body language. Body language is a nonverbal communication through gestures, facial expressions, and postures. Two examples are showing a thumbs up, and showing a happy face. When you're using body language, you're not using your voice, you're using your whole body. Nonverbal communication is sending messages without words. More people use body language than just talking.

Why Everyone's Body Language Is Different

Everyone's body language is different. Some people use face expressions more than talking. Most people show that their thumbs are up, or down. You can show many expressions like happy, sad, mad, worried, or excited faces. You can tell another body language by looking at the way people move, or by the way their heads are up, or down. Those are some different body languages.

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Why is Body Language important?

Why is it important?

Body language is important because it helps you understand for what movements and feelings people have. It's 55% of how you look, 38% of how you sound, and 7% of what you say. For an example, if you see a person walking with his or her head down, you might think, 'Ok, I've got to know why their head is down.' You walk up to them, and ask them what's wrong. They would say that they're feeling sad because of a breakup, not doing their homework, or if they had a really close friend pass away. Body language has feelings for everyone.