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Marcha Real (royal march)


Long live Spain!

Let's sing together,

with different voices,

and only one heart.

Long live Spain!

from the green valleys,

to the vast sea,

a hymn of brotherhood.

Love the Motherland,

which embrace

the free peoples

below its blue sky.

Glory to the sons,

who have given to history,

justice and greatness,

democracy and peace.

How was this created ?

well, it was hard for me to find the lyrics to this song, because they have no official lyrics. The origins of the anthem, one of the oldest in the world are unknown. Not being satisfied with my answer, i continued researching and found nothing- 'till i discovered this interesting site including information that I would like to share with you. As this article states, The anthem first appeared in a book of military bugle calls dating from 1761, known as the “Marcha Granadera”. In 1770 King Carlos III declared it as the official “honour march”, and was played at events attended by the royal family. It was then soon known as the “Marcha Real”. The origin of the melody is in dispute. Researchers have claimed that it originated in parts of Europe outside Spain (such as France and Germany), and indeed the music is not typical of Spanish music. Now, get this, In 1870, there was a contest held to have a new national anthem, but no winner was declared and the “Marcha Real” remained as Spain’s anthem. i found this quite interesting and would like to know more about the topic, but that is not entirely what this flyer is about. It is about soccer.

National Anthem of Spain ( Marcha Real )

soccer game play

soccer, (in spain is called futbol) is what spain is widely known for. Here's some things you should know if you are really interested in soccer in the history of spain.

The field is called the pitch or the campo in spanish. Jerseys can be reffered to as a camisteas or playeras. Uniforms are called kits. Cleats are called boots. games will be reffered to as matches fans will be called supporters and teams are refeared to as sides or clubes.

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