Death Camps/Work Camps


Difference between Death and Work Camps

Concentration camps and extermination camps belonged to two widely different camp systems

Extermination Camps are strictly with only one purpose, to mass murder

The Work Camps are for punishment, and so they had to work in factory's with no pay, no respect, and barely enough food for themselves

Work Camps

Their common denominator was the fact that the living conditions were extremely horrible and cruel for the inmates. With very insufficient food, the terrible conditions resulted in the deaths of an enormous amount of prisoners, especially in the work camps. So as the jews got weaker and weaker, they died and got replaced by a new healthy worker.

Death Camps

Unlike the concentration camps, six extermination camps were established between 1941 and 1943 with only one purpose: to exterminate the Jews. A total of three million Jews were murdered in these cam