Landon Robert

Throwing a Ball

If you throw a ball you give it the energy to fly to its target. This Is mechanical energy. Throwing the ball you gave the ball the energy for it to move. In the pictures below, it shows things that need mechanical energy to move. An example of mechanical energy is wind energy. Wind energy uses a turbine that will power places. It is fast and good for the earth, but you have to be in a good spot.
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Another form of mechanical energy is hydro energy. It works by a flowing river, but does not take the water. They place a turbine and when the water hits it it makes it move, creating energy.
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interesting facts

Mechanical energy is actually a part of a lot of energy. Hydro, wind, and every object that has motion has mechanical energy. It can not be destroyed, but it can make different energy. It is also clean and good for the earth because it does not pollute


Mechanical energy is good because it is safe for the earth. In the down part is that you have to power it to do something. It also has to be in the right place.

How It Works

How does mechanical energy work? It is everything that moves has mechanical energy. So say you are riding a bike, you have to push the pedals to make it move. This is mechanical energy.