McKenna Earnest; Block 4

Introduction of Arsenic

Physical properties: Metallic gray, yellow, black. Gray arsenic is a weak bond, yellow is waxy and soft, black is similar to red phosphorus; Chemical properties: When heated, arsenic oxidizes. Arsenic makes nitric acid and arsenic trioxide when concentrated with sulfuric acid; Where found: volcanic ash and dissolved in groundwater; Uses: wood preservative, medicines, chemical weapon in World War I; Reactivity: Arsenic reacts under controlled conditions with halogens; Isotopes: One stable isotope.

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Arsenic has been most commonly known for its use in medicine and use in chemical warfare. Arsenic can be incredibly dangerous, but then very useful. Arsenic poisoning can corrode your skin, as shown above. Arsenic was used as medicine before people realized how dangerous it can potentially be.